SOLVED: Post-render Flicker issues in Adobe Premiere Pro CC


Are you facing challenges and often get irritated when the final rendered exported file [in Adobe Premiere Pro CC] is having flicker/blinking/glitchy in between the video.

Don’t worry its SOLVED

You might have tried these couple of options to resolve the flicker issues, if not try and see if it works for you. Even I had tried most of these before I found my way to resolve the post render-flicker issue! 

  1. Clear the cache memory in the Adobe Premiere Pro CC settings. To empty or purge your Disk Cache: navigate to Edit –> Purge –> All Memory and Disk Cache
  2. Optimizing the memory for rendering the sequences
  3. Delete and rework the color correction! Also delete any layer you created and recreate them
  4. The effects that you add i.e Gaussian Blur, cross dissolve, text layer, fonts etc.. can also cause flicker in the final rendered output. Delete it and create a new layer & try once again to render
  5. Choosing the seconds from where the flicker starts and then deleting those seconds from the final footage [Cutting down the seconds or the footage that flickered was not an option for me. As it was unavoidable to delete them]
  6. Render the file without any layers and correction to see if the raw footage is good
  7. and many more… quick fixes I managed to apply to resolve the post render-flicker issues

Most of the flicker issues are resolved with the above settings… However in my case it was not solved and I finally found a way out, it turned out to be simple and highly effective.


This is what I did:  

  1. My editing projects are on the external HDD! [I assume the same for you too] Copy the Adobe Premiere Pro CC file that is having post-render flicker issues; lets name it, for easy understanding: flicker.prproj [whatever is the name of your .prproj file] on the desktop. Now remove the external HDD from your machine!
  2. Shut down the machine 
  3. Make sure you unplug the main power and your machine is not connected to power or battery backup for the next 5 mins [this might sound – stupid, but worth doing to save your hard work]
  4. After 5 mins, connect the power and restart your machine 
  5. Create a new project on the desktop, lets name it ‘stop flicker.prproj’
  6. Create a new sequence with the same sequence setting you had for flicker.prproj
  7. Now open the file that was saved on desktop i.e flicker.prproj
  8. Do not link the medias when asked?
  9. Copy the nested file from flicker.prproj and paste it in the new sequence created on stop flicker.prpoj
  10. When you copy the file, do not copy any layers ! 
  11. Close the flicker.prproj file and delete it from your desktop
  12. Save and quit Adobe Premiere Pro CC
  13. Shut down the machine and restart after 5 mins
  14. Make sure you unplug from the main power and your machine is not connected to power or battery backup for 5 mins [Yes, it worked for me & I still don’t know the reason for flicker]
  15. Now open the file stop flicker.prproj  
  16. Do not link the medias when asked!
  17. Drag and drop all the media files that is required for that project 
  18. Gradually you will create a new folder with all the files required to run and edit the sequence!
  19. Once you have everything, now link the media files and/or it will automatically get linked once they are in the same .prproj file
  20. Create layers and other settings that you had on the original file and do the color correction
  21. Save the file 
  22. Now, create a new sequence. Test Flicker  copy – paste the sequence that you had edited. 
  23. Save the file and now
  24. Render the file
  25. The final rendered file will be without any glitch or flicker 

Doing this helped me to resolve the flicker issues not for 1 project but for three different projects.  [the reason for flicker post-render is not yet known to me, however, I have the solution for the same 🙂 ] 



The wrinkles of my glittering eyes


Women has been the most hardworking since ages, she is multi-talented. A homemaker having strong communication skills, good people handling skills and a good decision maker. Due to the male dominated world she has been always surpassed. However, if looked.. its the woman who keeps the male dominated world run smoothly.

Having observed the rural and as well the urban society; woman has always been the strength of the house and society. This acceptance is now gradually being heard and appreciated. 

Look around yourself and you can easily find a woman who; you can relate with this article.  Not trying to create a debate…. however speaking what is happening around! Right from the 9 months of pregnancy, managing the home, kitchen and raising the kids… In this entire unfolding events of life, she is taking care of her husbands, relatives and also an earning member of the family.

I have personally met many old woman who are still working day and night. Her energy levels are high, they are caring and so considerate…almost every time I met them. Share your experiences with me if you have one?

She deserves all the respect and love.

This really motivates me to frequently conduct FREE online SELF-Confidence Training for women/girls..

There are numerous reasons to it, am trying to give opportunity to those who are very shy from within, who are confused and do not know what to do, there are those who are very low on self-esteem and need a push and then there are those who are constantly trying to help others.

Providing free workshop keeps me grounded and helps me to offer more help and support. It helps to understand how better we can design our curriculum so that we reach out to everyone.

Why do you need SELF Confidence booster module? (click the link to read more)

STRESS & ANXIETY: A person who knows how to manage them will rise high in career, have stronger family values and better relationships. Our module helps to prepare you to handle the crisis and stay strong. You know how to hold yourself

OBESITY: Staying fit automatically gels around and you gradually control yourself. Regular practice of our modules will help to promote better eating and sleeping habits. Mood swings are controlled and life gets more disciplined. Regular training will keep your energy levels high and burn more calories

BACK PAIN/POOR BODY POSTURE: Body pain is a result of poor and bad Ergonomics. A person with body pain and confused mind is someone who can be said to have weak Mental Health. Your day-to-day productivity is badly affected due to problems created out of bad postures. Now you don’t have to worry, you will get lessons to understand the correct ergonomics that is essential for healthy living

BEING ALONE IS HARDLY PROBLEMATIC: Going out for a late night movie and can’t find a companion? Want to take a trip to your favourite hill station but have no one to accompany you? Bored of the crowd around you and want to take a lonely walk down the countryside? With self-defense techniques by your side, you don’t have to worry about being alone anymore. Just make a plan and you are good to go

FAMILY: Spending time with family is now a days getting difficult. These are just those reasons to justify your action. A mind and body that is calm, quite and composed is able to manage all the relationship gracefully. Our workshops helps you to connect with yourself and your loved ones

DIGNITY: For an individual skilled in self-defense through our SELF confidence module, never has to keep mum. Whether it’s a lewd comment on the street or a sexual innuendo on the bus she can always speak up for herself without having to worry about the consequences because she knows that she is good enough to handle whatever comes her way

DOMESTIC VIOLENCE, NOT FOR ME: Domestic violence in no form is ever acceptable. But what is better – to prevent it from happening in the first place or to curb it after it has happened? If you are skilled in self-defense, you never have to be a victim and you can start standing up for yourself from the day first finger gets pointed at you.

MINDFULNESS: You will learn to be more mindful about your surroundings. These lessons would help you grown and make you realize the power of human body – mind and soul. Constant practice will connect your body-mind-soul you will feel calm, relaxed and full of energy

BREATHE: Something which we are doing for granted and are not sure how this process can be the most important one. Through this guided module on breathing you will have the capacity to increase your energy, strength, will-power and have a peaceful mind

MY RESPECT, MY RESPONSIBILITY: The respect and dignity of women have been at stake for way too long. In spite of matching steps with men in every single field, women are still considered the weaker sex. It’s now time to turn the tables and show the world what women are capable of. Self-defense is no more a choice; in today’s world, it is a necessity

SELF confidence booster modules specifically addresses few common as well important issues which are psychological as well physiological in nature. Positive spillovers have been recorded by the users. Customized curriculum is designed as per the requirements of the individual.

If you are a woman and wish to avail a FREE SELF-confidence booster module; kindly let us know, we would choose the one who really needs the training. If you are not chosen you can try again after one month. Do not feel rejected, someone deserved it NOW more than you need it.

Cheers for Love,


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Delusion and Illusion


You breathe – you live:) Human Body has many processes which runs in the background without your mindful knowledge! The working mechanism of the human body is absolutely incredible. Purely unconditional (thumbs up)

If you are mentally courageous and maintain the habit to be responsive to the situation. You tend to enjoy life. You are capable to settle the issues. However, if you are reactive in nature, don’t believe in yourself: you end up committing foolish mistakes, gradually you explode out of anxiety and fear of failure. It’s not easy to control mind. It’s an overly complex game.

Most of us are stuck in our own mind games and are extremely vulnerable to it. From the time we wake up till the time we sleepwe are juggling in our own mind web games. Life becomes so miserable if the puzzle is unsolved. In fact it never gets resolved. Associations of our personality, nature, likings and past experiences influence are reactions to these thoughts. If we look deep, in most of the cases our thoughts are revolving around these associations.

We compare ourselves in almost all the situation and establish a relation with the situation.Once the relation is established – association is developed and gradually attachment towards the situation gets stronger. This attachment is at an unconscious level and every 2nd or 5th thought is about that situation. This relation starts generating an unknown fear/inhibition of experiencing the situation OR stimulates you within. The mind enjoys these shady behaviors and will keep throwing plentiful imaginary situations. By this time; we overrule our own instinctive feelings and ignore the subconscious mind. We start believing the situation is bigger and complex to be solved.

When, we physically are into the situation. We end up committing foolish mistakes and gradually we explore out of anxiety and fear of failure. We can solve these conflicts within, only if we are receptive.

Did you know? The key is designed first and then the lock is made! You don’t make a lock first and then design a key to unlock it! Like-wise the solution is inevitably with you when you get stumped in the journey of life. If you keep yourself calm, composed, demonstrate your skills and most importantly have faith in yourself – You settle the conflicts and graciously move forward.

Self-discipline is rare and hard to be found in individuals.We are quick to disregard almost everything and behave like a dum-ass most of the time. Our learnings, failures, achievements, education qualification, strategies and life experiences; we never refer them in our routine life. We are disconnected with our own-self. Ironically, when there is pressure of performance, deadlines, incentive based and/or appraisal coming forward: suddenly all these learnings are involved. The working style is changed, and the individual is productive. Bizarre behavior but very true about Human Beings!

Being self-disciplined produces multiple beneficial effects. You are calm, prompt and become a problem-solver. This gradually promotes beneficial relationships across all the platforms.

Most of us are not strong and courageous enough to win the battle of mind-games. We are capable [Or pretend to be strong] when things are matching to our wish. However, the moment life gets challenging our inner strength, and courage is measured. Be mindful and have a disciplined life-style. In future you will be benefited. We learn new life-lessons every day. Keep growing and keep exercising them as and when required.

Sharing is caring! This might encourage someone if not you:)

Love yourself,

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15 Benefits of Sports: Mental + Physical

Childhood was fun and the days went by doing absolutely nothing! The foundation of the individual is set up right from the childhood. As we grow up, stress and pressure devours the entire ‘I’ and we submit ourselves to the situation. Brain Drain, stress, life struggles, peer pressures, draining relationships and poor mental health.  Forget all of these right now! These changes within are not created over-night. It’s a gradual process occurring due to ignoring the applications of lessons learnt right from childhood. Few of things that I constantly reinforce is constant remembrance, mindful breathing and positive thinking.

It’s really important to understand the philosophy of sports and how we bring it to active use in our day-to-day life!  Life has always been uncomplicated and yet, it’s the toughest nut to crack.

Right from the childhood to teenage; everyone has been participating in sports (of any format). As we move from teenage to adulthood; everything changes. Mind institutes a drastic change, and it fosters an illusion in front of you. We are absolutely the most forgetful species. Suddenly the life starts looking difficult and unbelievable. The illusions created make your mind unstable with conflicting emotions creating different perception towards life. The stability is challenged and mindfulness is tested.

Sports illuminates some of the most important life lessons. Provided you are perceptive enough to grasp them forward and exercise them in your day-to-day life. Broadly speaking Sports teaches us:

  1. To fail – it’s okay to fail. This is what the sports teach you, winning is not consistently a key to success. You have to fail to improve!
  2. Patience – it builds up your patience. You are calm, alert and focused to snatch the genuine opportunity.
  3. Team work – it teaches you to work in a team. You digest that for success; positive team work and team ethics are essential. It’s ne’er a solo effort.
  4. Coordination – you coordination with your team-members increases. This helps to have and open a positive communication channel
  5. Trustsports teaches you first to trust yourself and others. You will realize its amazing to how other team-members trust you as well.
  6. Success – the taste of success is worth all the hard work. Your contribution fulfils a notable role that decides your rate of success. 
  7. Hard Work – nothing is achieved without hard work, you need to constantly keep putting your 100%. Only then the chances of success are better
  8. Body & mind coordinationsports connects your body and mind. The coordination between them is synchronized and unconsciously it with each-other.
  9. Breathingsports teaches you that breathing is the most crucial part of any sports. If you don’t know how to breathe then, you will fail. Rhythmic breathing is required in sports to keep your body cool, agile and alert.
  10. Stamina – without stamina you can’t engage in any sports. Stamina in terms of your physical + psychological aspect is unavoidable
  11. Discipline – It teaches you to be disciplined. One of the skills that defines the personality of the individual.
  12. Dedication – with utmost dedication the sport is being played and practiced. Faithfulness is learnt as a part of the training. Dedication and Discipline represent a very effective combination for winning. Sports teach you these skills.
  13. Sacrifice – this is something that you would think how! To win on numerous occasions, we have to sacrifice our personal interest and look at the interest of the team. Sports teach you to sacrifice; it teaches you giving and induces compassion. These emotions create humbleness within you.
  14. Lowering of Ego – Wow, unbelievable!!! By all means, sports channelize your ego. It manipulates it for success and makes you more focused. Marvellous changes are seen and felt within; when you learn to channelize Ego. Ego can destroy and it can build! In sports it enlightens you to build.
  15. Health body – a sound body is required for sports. You exercise, you eat healthily and gradually you increase stamina. Active body promotes healthy thoughts and keeps you satisfied most of the times.
  16. Personality – You personality changes when you are competing in sports. All the various skills learnt are reflected inside you. You are listening to others, helpful in nature, caring and at the same time have enough stamina to escort yourself to success.
  17. Risk taking – Sports teaches you to take risk. To win, we have to risk. It’s either failing or win. Sports teach you to fail, and it equally makes you taste success. Risking gratifying appetite improves and more….

Gather a deep breath! YES!!! Indeed, you have been through all these processes. You have successfully being able to manage and execute them. These skills are highly essential in your day-to-day life, education, career, and relationships. However more importantly these skills are essential for your sound mental health!


We fail to demonstrate these learnt skills. I had mentioned about the illusions created by Mind. This is how it deceives you; the mind refers to your current situation as it is and based on our attitude and aptitude we react to the situation. Just because life is not a game of 90 mins. Our attitude towards it is altered. Learn to increase your mental faculties and engage it constantly. Your perception towards life will offer the direction to your mind. Remember, You are what you feed!

Life represents a sport and your sportsmanship will decide your fate.

Good time Bad time = Happy time! This is life and it keeps ticking! No formula nor answers. You are the driver. Drive safely, be safe and keep others safe.

Would love to hear you comments and thoughts. Sharing is caring.

Love yourself

Effective methods for Healthy Body + Mind

Reason 1,2,3,4….. goes on and on to convince the present state of miserable behavior. Human mind tends to fall down again and once more. It’s a potent substance and is active on its own. Human mind needs to be trained and tamed. The moment you set it loose you are on a troll of your life. It will fall again to the lowest of your life.

You must have come across people who overthink. It’s the art of producing problems that don’t exist. Similar is the tendency of Human Mind, the moment you loose upon constant remembrance you are there!

Everyone has a valid advise for other person’s job. It’s an expert recommend, on how to perform the job. To our surprise, we have advise for almost everyone. However, the irony of life ‘ We are not an expert in our own job.’

If you are reading this now — feel blessed — Human body and Mind are the most astonishing thing you have. If you are glum and in a fragile state of mental health. Please know, you have to explore yourself and love yourself. Despite occupying a human body we are incompetent to connect our body-mind-soul in sync. Coming to the basics, we do not experience the art of breathing! If you learn how to breath properly and keep practicing it. Only then you can appreciate the striking powers of body.

Based on our mood, time, the situation and the state of mind: we produce a reflection for the individual, and it’s character. With time, many of us have developed it as a habit to big mouth others?

How many of us fall in the category,’if I am OK you are OK?
How many of you have opinion for others?
How many of you judge people after considering an interaction for say twice or thrice?
If you come to know someone is doing the same for you? Subsequently you fire back, don’t you!

The mind thinks unrealistically and loves to live in its own dream-world. Believe it or not – we have become a dedicated slave of our mind.

Human body has been designed in a peculiar way. Every body-part needs to work perfectly if you wish to maximize the impactThe body needs regular exercise, nutritious food and sleep. This is the key to healthy body + mind + soul. You will be happy, composed and grounded. Nothing is easy, and no medicine can commit flexible and conditioned body. You have to move your ass! 

No joke— seriously look at yourself. Either side of your body [left or right] will be more flexible, capable and more dominant in size. Hmmm bingo – you are an example for yourself. Live understandable example of how you serve your own body.

Root cause of your pain, stress, anxiety and all the negative emotion is because of your mind. Denial is your priority manipulation is your answer poor mental health is your choice.

Remember, you inevitably have the option to Choose – Take it or Leave it.

Challenge your mind and to see the difference.

I know you are the busiest person. You run short of time, and you are the only one who is trying to protect the world. This looks so delightful to read. Comforts your little ego and makes you feel special. Sorry, wake-up!

Pleasure and materialistic stuff are the exclusive things that excites the mind; knowledge otherwise looks divine in the books or to hear. Try understanding the impact and complications of sedimentary life-style. It’s never late. Many of you are already aware and working on it. Please inspire others.

Enjoy the life you have as per your satisfaction. You are what you think. Keep sharing and help others. Happy to have your comments.

Bless you,


Top 9 reasons why every woman should take Self-defense classes

Health is a state of complete harmony of the body, mind and spirit. When one is free from physical disabilities and mental distractions, the gates of the soul open.”– B.K.S. Iyengar

We have been training women and youth through series of workshops. The curriculum keeps changing as per the need of the participant. We believe in creativity and so are reflected in our workshops. We focus upon the core of the body i.e. body posture, breathing and balance. Body and mind are directly connected and its important to deal with them separately till you are able to sync them easily. We give you the divine amalgamation of karate and meditation in our curriculum.

Our workshops are specially designed for women/girls/children and youth To know more about our curriculum and its benefits click here.

In the month of December workshops are coming near you – contact us to know about the place. Prime locations are: Mumbai – Pune — Baroda — Surat — Ahmedabad — Delhi-NCR — Gurgaon — Goa

There are multiple reasons why you should join self-defense workshops or at least take up one of the classes to experience the same.

Broadly speaking these are the top 9 reasons why you should choose a self-defense workshop.

Endurance and Stamina:
Increased stamina and endurance will remain your most profitable deal. Self-defense training will make you stronger, body muscles will be flexible, strong and you can see increase in your stamina. You will be more contented and productive at your workplace and/or at your home.

Improved body posture:
It helps to improve your body balance and connects you more deeply with your body. Self-defense training helps in improving your body posture and makes it more agile. It teaches you how to focus and concentrate. It’s improves your eye-hand coordination. Without proper focus, power and coordination self-defense is not possible.

Self-defense is presence of mind and it teaches you to be alert all the time. It teaches you awareness towards the surroundings, it trains you on using your senses in much better way. Self-defense will make you more alert, active and focused. 

Respect yourself:
Self-defense is no more a choice; in today’s world, it is a necessity. The respect and dignity of women have been at stake for a way too long. In spite of matching steps with men in every distinct field, women are however considered the weaker sex. It’s now time to turn the tables and show the world what women are capable of.

Solo Traveller and Happy:
Want to take a trip to your favourite hill station but have no one to accompany you? Bored of the crowd around you and want to take a lonely walk down the countryside? With self-defense techniques by your side, you don’t have to worry about being alone anymore. Just make a plan, and you are good to go.

Help yourself:
Instead of waiting for official help to come over, a woman can inevitably be her own help. Be it an attempt to steal her purse or a hand extended to grope her in public, it is often too late by the time police comes over to help? Learning a trick or two in self-defense can constantly help a woman to save her stuffs, be it money or modesty.

Stop Domestic Violence :
Definitely, you recite it right. Domestic violence is non-acceptable. You need answering what is better to prevent it from happening in the first place or to crib it after it has happened? If you are skilled in self-defense, you never have to remain a victim. You will automatically stand up for yourself from the day; the first finger gets pointed at you.

Kickass Eve Teasers:
For a woman skilled in self-defense, she never has to keep mum. Whether it’s a lewd comment on the street or a sexual innuendo on the bus she can always speak up for herself without having to worry about the consequences because she knows she is good enough to handle whatever comes her way.

A woman who knows about defending herself in face of imminent danger has ne’er to worry about late night shifts or stranded, deserted alleys. She knows to hold herself together in such circumstances and can give her attacker a good one-or-two if the need comes down to that.

Sharing is caring, we love to perceive you and are eager to reply your possible questions? 

For love,


Jal Neti : Why should you do it Daily?

Before you start reading – recall how the traditions, cultures and practices from the past is gradually picking up the speed. Technology, ignorance, time-pressed, and more importantly find short-cuts all the time have ultimately screwed up the human body. 

When nothing works, Yoga – Meditation – Spirituality – Ayurveda and age old practices are frantically being chased. A True teacher plays the role in shaping your character, not your handy Google Teacher which lingers like your extended body part. 

It’s been a couple of years that I had been practicing Jai Neti and have perceived significant difference on how my body is responding. Well, it’s recommended to do Jai Neti every day in the morning. On my recent trip to Delhi, I realized how effective Jai Neti was. The pollution in Delhi is so very bad, you need to be in that place to experience what you are breathing. I was okay with my breathing cycles, my eyes were responding effectively with less irritation as compared to others and my stamina was untouched. Looking at the environment, I used to do Jai Neti twice a day to keep myself clean and protected. Kindly note: Jai Neti takes time to restore your body, there is no over-night remedy. Have patience and keep practicing it daily. Modernization and competitive world have completely ignored the power of human body. In legitimate sense, we do not know who to use our body in a correct way.

Jai Neti is an significant part of Hindu Shatkarma. It’s one of the yogic systems of body cleansing techniques. It is intended mainly to clean the air passageways in the head.

Indian Yogis have left behind huge knowledge that can transform your human body and lift it to a completely remarkable level. Am more focused on highlighting about Jai Neti that is getting popular these days. I had been practicing Jai Neti for quite sometime and having learnt it from a glorious sage. It’s more of my responsibility to keep practicing it daily. Once you start experiencing the benefits, it will only motivate you to explore more of your magical human body.

Precautions need to be taken:

  • The water needs to be pure 
  • Preferably use Jai Neti Pot
  • Try to do it empty stomach 
  • Make saline water [by adding salt in the water] The water temperature needs to be around your body temperature or little more
  • The quantity of salt should be perfect i.e no less no more – else you will experience difficulty in performing Jai Neti
  • Blow out the excess water from your nostrils after you are done by closing your mouth and quick breath out from nostrils. Perform this couple of times till you are satisfied that no water is left inside your nostrils

I will precisely not describe how to perform Jai Neti as I recommend you to learn it from an expert and do it couple of times in front of him/her. Many notable health benefits are marked with the continual practice of Jai Neti

  • It clears up your nasal passage and gives your respite from sore throats, sinusitis, mucus and improves your breathing from nose
  • It helps in lowering migraine, headaches and relax eye stress [personally it has helped me to manage a migraine and eye stress] Excess heat is flushed out from your brain and thus helps to manage your headaches and mental stress.
  • Improved and better breathing cycles will keep you energetic and fresh
  • Helpful to keep your ears clean from infection and excess wax deposits 
  • Those who practice meditation and start doing Jai Neti will experience a phenomenal growth and difference in their meditational sessions
  • The helpful cleaning process which not only promotes healthy respiration but also increases the efficiency of eyes and ears

Never perform Jal Neti if you have nose infection, bleeding nose or a wounded nose. Learn from an expert before you start practicing Jai Neti.

Stay healthy, wise and love yourself!

You might like to read more:

  • Neti: Healing Secrets of Yoga and Ayurveda, Dr. David Frawley, Lotus Press, Twin Lakes, WI ISBN 0-940985-85-3
  • Jefferson, Warren (2005). The Neti Pot for Better Health. Summertown, Tennessee: Healthy Living Publications. ISBN 1-57067-186-9.
  • Asana Pranayama Mudra Bandha, Swami Satyananda Saraswati, Yoga Publications Trust, Munger, Bihar, India