Do you unlock your Brain?

Entrepreneurs have a great challenge in taking out time for the self and family. These are the people who are generally working round the clock or at least their mind is involved in the strategic planning of next move. It generally becomes difficult to find the right choice of time to take a break. I recommend holidays an opportunity to train your human mind and have control over it. For me, human mind is the most unpredictable, practice everyday to keep it in control.

“Get hold of the mind. The mind is like a lake, and every stone that drops into it raises waves. These waves do not let us see what we are.” Swami Vivekananda

Human mind is the most powerful and it can think very deep. Most of the time we are all involved in thinking..

  • What if?
  • Don’t know
  • Why me!!
  • Not me!
  • Noooo!
  • Damn!!!
  • I can’t!
  • Please!
  • Again!
  • Grrrr!
  • Mondayyyy!!!
  • *^%&…and many more

These are the thoughts that tours most of the human mind.

However, if the mind is trained to relax every day, then the thoughts can be changed or rather reprogrammed! Practice Presence


Sounds fun yaaa! We have to take conscious efforts to forgive others, forgive ourselves think positive. Our mind should give birth thoughts that feels good to the soul and heart. These thoughts should be cultivated.

  • Develop openness
  • Listen to your body and heart
  • Let go… friends its really important that you let go – will help you
  • Forgive yourself and largely to those who hurt you
  • Acceptance
  • Welcome
  • Love
  • Embrace
  • Thankful
  • and the list goes on

Keep practicing these healthy thought process – these would drastically change your life.

Please do ask yourself – Do you do exercise for your mind? Just the same way like you spend time pumping your muscle’s in gym!


Key to unlock yourself is within you

We generally recommend and train work-alcoholic and otherwise to every individual to practice right set of exercises for the brain/mind. We have personally come across, very few people who spend time for the mind to make it strong and release all the negativity behind.

The system of having holidays in our calendar is one of the best way to follow. Take this opportunity to utilize it wisely and switch off your mind. Spend these holidays with your family and friends. Freak out and let the child inside you enjoy. Once the holidays are over – you will find yourself full of energy, new thoughts, new power and a healthy family 🙂




Importance of body posture & correct stance in self-defense

In self-defense its really important that you maintain proper and correct body posture. Its really important that you do not hurt yourself in the process of defending your own-self. Proper posture is just not required during self-defense, however its equally important in our daily life chores and activities being carried out. Ergonomics plays an equally important role in better well-being.

Human body is designed in a specific way. If its being used properly then you can say good bye to back pain, shoulder pain, workplace stress, repetitive strain injury and of course it would protect you from  low self-esteem and morale. It would help you have a better and stronger mental health.


Rectifying the body posture ~ Self-defense training

Body posture focuses upon how you are using your body. It primarily focuses upon your body joints, muscle in use, your nerves and the amount of body weight applied. A wrong move or wrong posture would mean damage to your body parts and organs. Resulting in injury which can last for few days to quite sometime.

I would advise, in your daily life-style include conscious efforts to have proper body posture.  Listen to your body and your muscle pain if any. Rest is equally important to heal from injury.

Proper body postures would benefit tremendously not only physiologically but also psychologically. It would enhance your personality, increase your confidence, bring in more power and energy in your self-defense practice. At your home front and at your office end – you would benefit with being more healthier and happier.

During self-defense and martial art trainings, wrong body postures would lead to intense injury or broken bones. Please be careful and I urge you all to consciously start taking efforts to have proper and correct body posture.

Cheers and Train hard