Spiritual quotient (SQ) or Intelligence quotient (IQ ) or Emotional Quotient (EQ)

Many-a-times it really makes me think, the school-college-university or any other education system does’t have a syllabus which teaches slangs-abusive words! Human values have gone down. How many of you agree that many people vent out anger by using abuse words! This behavior pattern now-a-days is seen among school going children as well. 


We need to teach the children and yes the teenagers to hear ‘NO’ . Teach them to accept rejection. Parenting has become very demanding and it needs constant nurturing. The generation is on a fast pace. The life-skills needs to be pressed-in tightly in the curriculum and should also be introduced to corporate people.

The change is visible; global warming, temperature rise, rainfall and snow blizzard just to name few. Like-wise the change has also affected human beings at physical, social, emotional, psychological and at spiritual realm. The after-effects are seen and we need to address them. Many changes are required. Dedication, determination and devotion is a must for any individual to keep the ‘self’ protected from any disturbances whatsoever it comes. 

Venting out abusive words to parents, elders and strangers is just not acceptable. It reflects how weak we are on acceptance, our inability to address the issues and lack of people handling skills. 

All the working people would realize [obviously they can – am going to talk about something which relates to money] The skills that were required to get a job – to excel in job and to get promoted in job have changed drastically. The below image would be helpful to upgrade yourself.

bD4ikTLC2_fTr1843WCwYsZFbkCs-VwJBAQu2COD1rE.pngIf these are required in your job – many more changes are required in life-skills, parenting and grooming of the individual. You all are matured and definitely have been going through this. You can either choose to accept and change or suffer. To all those who are working upon this – let me congratulate you for the awareness that you have within.

For Love as always, 


Is 21st Century cold-blooded!

Brain-drain is the upcoming threat that needs to be taken care of. The current situation has pressed hard upon the individuals. It has weakened the self-confidence and the real ‘self’ is lost. It makes the individual live a mechanical life – tick tock tick tock, till the time it can tick-tockkkk…..

Take it easy and yes, its easy. Getting going and let the body move. 

30-45 mins of exercise everyday is going to boost your immunity, its going to help you be strong and look gracious. Physical Exercises have noted benefits at physiological and psychological level.

Make a habit of having a healthy lifestyle. It would not only help control your weight, but enhance your mood and increase energy. Healthy lifestyle would also help keep few of the health problems away. It would specially protect your heart.

We have introduced a fusion of karate and meditation to upbeat the stress of 21st century. Our program has got meditation, karate, fun, self-defense, reflections and lots of love. 

Healthy Lifestyle has never been difficult. Its just the effort you would have to take for healthy mind, body and soul. 


Say no to unhealthy lifestyle


21st Century has been very demanding, rude, harsh and has literally ripped apart the human mind – body and soul of the individuals. The family bonding, togetherness and marriages have gone for toss.  As always, I am quoting it again,’ Don’t let the situations rule you?’ 

Your efforts for a healthy lifestyle will only help you and your family.  A balanced individual is successful.  If you need help, we are around.

For love as always,


Respecting woman – is it your cup of Tea?  

Womanhood or otherwise motherhood is considered to be the greatest in Indian society. It’s the woman who gives birth to a new life. It’s her unconditional love of absorbing all the pains and burden of her loved ones, to make their life easier. After all a human being, the multitasking woman does require time to release her stress and make her reflexes super-fast.  Forget others – I as a man, would always have high regards and respect to the womanhood. She is the creator and the irony of life! She is the most abused.

The global statistics that talks about the crime against womanhood is at least disturbing me. 

Can you better the condition of your women? Then there will be hope for your well-being. Otherwise you will remain as backwards as you are now. – Swami Vivekananda


The Indian society is designed in such a way that the women generally does’t not get enough time for herself. She can’t even think of having time for her own hobbies or even think of having leisure break from her busy schedule. However there has always been those who have fought out of the system! The womanhood has always been subjected of emotional – verbal and physical assaults. The statistics speaks in volumes. The heart sinks and mind fails to understand why? 

Being workaholic the restlessness within made me take an action.  As a trained martial artist and a social entrepreneur. I thought of designing a  curriculum which is an amalgamation of self-defense and meditation.  Curriculum makes an effort to equip the participants with the needful tricks, techniques and methods to payback any shit from anyone!  We keep in mind the life-style, the available time, situations, surroundings and most important the human mind of the participants! These workshops have got a flavor of meditation and spirituality attached to it. This has helped them to a great extent.

Our self-defense workshops gives the provision to learn 4-6 self-defense techniques in around 2.5-3 hours. We constantly evolve the workshops based on the participant requirements, their physical capacity and ability. Our idea is to make sure that none of their limitations act as a hurdle in their training. We have got couple of differently flavored workshops as per the need of the individual and group. Do you need one? Ping us

Our training is not limited – we have also started providing online training. Using the technology at its best. 

Educate your women first and leave them to themselves; then they will tell you what reforms are necessary for them. In matters concerning them, who are you? – Swami Vivekananda

Check out yourself what one of our participants have to talk about the workshop 

I am really happy to write down that we have been able to train more than 900 girls and woman and the count has been going up. The feedback has been encouraging and its just helping us grow and introduce more and more tricks and methods to train the womanhood for betterment. 

Train hard and Never give up!