Spiritual quotient (SQ) or Intelligence quotient (IQ ) or Emotional Quotient (EQ)

Many-a-times it really makes me think, the school-college-university or any other education system does’t have a syllabus which teaches slangs-abusive words! Human values have gone down. How many of you agree that many people vent out anger by using abuse words! This behavior pattern now-a-days is seen among school going children as well. 


We need to teach the children and yes the teenagers to hear ‘NO’ . Teach them to accept rejection. Parenting has become very demanding and it needs constant nurturing. The generation is on a fast pace. The life-skills needs to be pressed-in tightly in the curriculum and should also be introduced to corporate people.

The change is visible; global warming, temperature rise, rainfall and snow blizzard just to name few. Like-wise the change has also affected human beings at physical, social, emotional, psychological and at spiritual realm. The after-effects are seen and we need to address them. Many changes are required. Dedication, determination and devotion is a must for any individual to keep the ‘self’ protected from any disturbances whatsoever it comes. 

Venting out abusive words to parents, elders and strangers is just not acceptable. It reflects how weak we are on acceptance, our inability to address the issues and lack of people handling skills. 

All the working people would realize [obviously they can – am going to talk about something which relates to money] The skills that were required to get a job – to excel in job and to get promoted in job have changed drastically. The below image would be helpful to upgrade yourself.

bD4ikTLC2_fTr1843WCwYsZFbkCs-VwJBAQu2COD1rE.pngIf these are required in your job – many more changes are required in life-skills, parenting and grooming of the individual. You all are matured and definitely have been going through this. You can either choose to accept and change or suffer. To all those who are working upon this – let me congratulate you for the awareness that you have within.

For Love as always, 


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