Focus: eye 2 eye


Human mind needs to be trained and if constant remembrance is practiced it would help the individual grow in life.  As a trained martial artist, I had been providing training to everyone who-so-ever came to me asking for the same. Spiritual bent of mind has always helped me. Experience is a good teacher and the process of learning is on-giong till the body is alive.

Our self-defense workshops are constantly being upgraded based on the experiences gathered. We learn more when we share our learnings with other. The speciality of our workshops are that we have an amalgamation of spirituality and martial arts. The participant not only learns self-defense but also gets an opportunity to understand the ‘self’. Something which is being highly ignored.

I had always trusted my instincts & never shied away from hard-work. As a martial artist the essence of this amazing sport helped in establishing the foundation for the non-profit organization Colorss Foundation. Social change projects are very difficult to gain respect and support of any individual. This is an era where everything needs to be instant at a blink.

We have designed curriculum for girls and women from disadvantaged community to make them strong at physiological and as well psychological levels. These curriculum have  martial arts as the main ingredient. The best part is, we provide these workshops FREE of cost.

The question with a doubt always rise up if not shared, its in the thoughts or being discussed at the back. Because all the FREE things are not good! So, what we provide is it worth? Are our workshops really beneficial or are they worth?

Based on the specialized curriculum the two projects that were created for the non-profit.

  1. Project Enhance has been named a “Re-imagine Learning Challenge Pacesetter” by The Lego Foundation in 2014 for its efforts in transforming the way the world learns.  Project Enhance joins a global network of groundbreaking projects that are making this dream a reality. Project Enhance also emerged as one of the semi-finalists. Innovators, educators, academics, and many others from 63 countries submitted more than 630 of the most innovative, impactful and sustainable learning projects to “The Re-imagine Learning Challenge” The LEGO Foundation and Ashoka believe that playful learning can change the world. The 10 best ideas from this group (as evaluated by a panel of expert judges) split USD $200,000 in cash prizes, received technical assistance and in-kind support, and were celebrated at the 2015 IDEA Conference as “Champions of Learning Through Play.” These Champions, alongside education-focused Ashoka Fellows selected with input from the LEGO Foundation drive the Network as a leadership team.Lego_Foundation_Awards.png
  2. Mission 1000 is 2016 semi-finalist at Project Inspire. Project Inspire is a worldwide, social impact competition run by Singapore Committee for UN Women and MasterCard. Read more about Project Inspire and our project Mission 1000. Our project is among 20 top problem solvers. Project Inspire 2016 will take on the theme of ‘Empowering Women Through Safety and Security’. Applicants will be asked to demonstrate how their ideas harness safety and security concepts to empower women throughout Asia and the Pacific. The finalist would be announced in third week of Oct 2016. We still hold chance to improve our stance. The winner gets the grand prize of USD$25,000.

Undoubtedly patience pays and yes it takes time for any social-change project to reap. Similarly all the workshops that we have for corporate women and otherwise to all the other individuals who can afford them need to have patience. These workshops are specially designed for you and yes we give personalized attention to everyone.

Hard work with dedication and devotion does make an impact.

As always for love,




Social Equality : Yes, you!


Passion takes you to different places. Our workshops which is an amalgamation of meditation/spirituality and martial-arts are just not limited for big pockets. We provide free workshops for the less-privileged. We are more than happy to inform you all that we at Anand Koti run a “Do Good, Feel Good” initiative, where 40% of the proceeds from the self-defense workshops are directed to help the efforts of the non-profit organization Colorss Foundation where the under-privileged females, both young and old, are trained for Free in self-defense. When you join us – please ask for the Do Good Feel Good we would donate 40% of your fees to the charity moreover you would get an opportunity to be a part of the workshops with the community as a volunteer  trainer. Currently this initiative is available only in India.


Eve-teasing, undesired stares, men lurking in dark allies..these are some of the everyday fears that women in India have to live with. With 19 years of martial arts practice and another nine years of experience in training others, Koti has made it his mission to protect women by teaching them self-defense. 


Koti, is leading Mission 1000 project which is one of the promising projects at Colorss Foundation, Mission 1000 is focused on training young girls and women in self-defense techniques. Mission 1000 aims to reach out to at least 1000 underprivileged women and girls every year. By equipping each child with self-defense skills, Mission 1000 hopes to tackle the sexual abuse, which include harassment, assault and rape, against women in India. As Mission 1000 believes in providing free-of-charge self-defense workshops, this programme largely relies on donated funds.


The students have been learning several skills on how to punch, kick and block assaults. Each child has also left each session with a boost in her stamina, self-esteem and confidence. 


Mission 1000 makes a difference to the lives of these young women. Those who have completed the Mission 1000 workshops express gratitude in learning self-defense. Some have even taught these skills to their own family members. The daily fear of being harassed is now a thing of the past for many of these young women, who are now more confident in interacting with society. Students undergoing Mission 1000 workshops will leave with a certificate and a new set of skills that they can use to protect themselves and their future. Along with learning kicks, punches, blocks and self-defense techniques the girls also enjoy meditation, which is also the part of the workshop. Meditation has helped the girls release stress.



Human Mind : Friend or Enemy


Lovely hearts – Love yourself

Human mind…..most controversial topic to talk about! I am trying to touch base with few simple examples  seen in our day-to-day life which shows how weak the human mind can be!

My master beautifully explained me the nature of Human Mind. He mentioned me that both water and mind have similar qualities.  They both have the tendency to flow downwards  towards the gravity.

The entire world has witnessed numerous inventions which has made life super easy. Right from the invention of a telephone to … you name it. Every individual has reacted separately to these inventions. Many are unable to accommodate these innovations gracefully in day-to-day life. There are several psychological aspects which influence i.e low self-esteem, loneliness and lack of friends. However, pointing out those which are now a worrisome issue.

  • The rise of technology increased obesity among children. More time was spent in the couch playing games rather being on the play ground. Junk food too is responsible. Directly or indirectly parenting never improvised.
  • Cell-phones/music players and ear-plugs have seen increase in accidents leading to death of the individual. Individuals are so involved in hearing or talking on the gadget that it leads to unforeseen accidents. Specially while driving or crossing the roads/rail-tracks to name a few. Rules were broken due to weakness of human mind.
  • The number of accidents and deaths due to the new craze ‘Selfi‘ is on rise. The APA made this classification during its annual board of directors meeting in Chicago. The disorder is called Selfitis, and is defined as the obsessive compulsive desire to take photos of one’s self  and post them on social media as a way to make up for the lack of self-esteem and to fill a gap in intimacy.

These are just a very few reminders at an individual level. ‘Taken for granted’ attitude is very lethal. I would term it as slow poison. You would never realize until its too late.

Every individual needs to remember and aggressively work upon his own MIND. If the mind is trained to relax every day, then the thoughts can be changed or rather reprogrammed! Practice Presence.

Human mind is unpredictable after all nothing is permanent – Anand Koti

We constantly have to spend time to train and control the mind. You can read our blog on how to train and control the mind at the link above. ∧­

We all have numerous reasons to justify the action taken. There is something called self-realization and/or self-awareness, which gives the individual a reason to think and justify his actions. Human Mind can be a friend and at the same time an enemy. Think hard.

For Love as always,


Traveling : The Unconscious Teacher

Among all those lovely teachers around….Travelling is one of them which I consider to be a very good teacher. It teaches you many things in your personal life. Right from managing your finances, food, stay, planning, people handling and more importantly learning more about your own self.

Traveling explores your unknown potential at body and mind level. It actually pushes you for the unexpected; where your threshold is challenged every now and then. Mountain tracking actually challenges your mind the most. Forget the body support… It’s purely the mental strength which defines the success of the mountain tracking adventure or any given traveling.


Traveling also gives you an opportunity in understanding and respecting different cultures. Different ethics and values of each and every place only enriches you as an individual. It gives you an opportunity to grow mature in your personal life. There has always been an impact of the experiences felt be it good or bad on your life as a whole. Right from your attitude till your sleeping habits.

Negative experience helps in creating wonders in your life. Your patience, people handling, mental strength, body capacity and capabilities are all tested in one go!!! Don’t forget you have passed them gracefully.

As always, I reinforce we should always have positive attitude towards life.

No doubt its wonderful teacher – however how many of we as travelers learn and use it in our day-to-day life. The mind many-a-times create such mind-web and you yourself becomes a victim. Suddenly all your travel learning go for a toss. What I am trying to tell you here is – no matter what you learn from your experiences, if you can’t utilize them in your daily life any learning from any format or experience is of no use.

Everything bottom’s down to power of mind.  Mother nature has got immense information to give out – be open to accept them and apply it across in your life.


For Love as always,


How Yoga helps me!

In past never got an opportunity to get myself trained in Yoga. Had always heard about all the good things about Yoga and mindfully accepted them too! However never had that urge to learn it. 

In all these active years of my life, this body suffered from body injury either due to martial arts practice or due to occupational hazard or maybe due to the combinations of both. My relationship with my shoulder-neck pain is quite old. This even was responsible for lot of restrictions to  my martial arts practice. 

However one fine day my family spoke about Yoga and positively reinforced it to me for my decade old pain!!! Finally took the dip into this amazing science of body-mind-soul YOGA. Since that day and today – there has been tremendous difference. This is something that you need to feel. I can write about numerous experiences, moments, failures and achievements. What is more important – will these help you when you read? 

Probably no! 

I am in the not so perfect Ardha Chandrasana Sanskrit: अर्धचन्द्रासन;or Half Moon Pose 

Yoga got me more aligned with my body and it’s details. Here my experience of Martial Art and understanding of Yoga training has definitely evolved me as an individual. Life is to learn and have numerous experiences. These are those experiences which can change people. Personally Yoga has just not been helpful for my injury it has also helped me cross few of my blockages. This is a good news isn’t! 

We have been constantly building up our curriculum for holistic training for oneness. With better connective within myself, it’s now much easier to train an individual in self-defense and meditation. Our curriculum broadly takes care of the individual’s physical as well the psychological needs. It’s not ONLY about Self-defense, it’s more about the SELF. If you are interested to be a part of the training leave me a message.

As always for love,