Self-Analysis – Oh! C’mon!


Self-analysis should be practiced on a continual basis. You should be your most ethical critics – only then you can over come those hurdles called, LIFE. Let’s look at this in a alternative way. Right from childhood we are taught to compete with others, we are given commands [not instructions] to be the best and gradually this gets deeply rooted inside us. We, thereafter in every aspect of life look to compete with others. Many of us have benefited from this approach and they continue to take this legacy forward.

Most of us are trying to find happiness or trying to create moments that can be generating the emotion of happiness.Ironically, happiness is inside us and we are searching for it outside. To our surprise, you must have examined grandparents advising ‘Happiness is inside you, ‘beta’ [child]’. Stop running after money or stop getting affected by your official work-pressure.Does this make sense, can you connect? This is called experience! The old folks are experienced, and they realized! Only after they got retired and were still not able to find happiness. Gradually as day’s passed by they found out! While killing time doing nothing. They realized ‘Happiness’ is and was always inside them! Now its too late for them to rewind and live the years wasted. So, they out of love, concern and care – advise others to chill, take-it-easy, it’s okay, blah blah.. We, being rigid and mind oriented ignore them outrightly.

When I talk about ‘Self-analysis’ the entire idea is to transfer you to a state of awareness. This should promote you to be mindful. Help, pursue conscious efforts to find peace inside your heart and mind. Your competition should be with ‘yourself’! There is no other person like a threat or competitor. Just because you have been trained to compete with others your perception has also been altered & trained. To excel, we need to be best in whatever we do.To be best in whatever we do – we need to practise, practise and practise. However, if you don’t know what to practise then, you will never grow or ever be able to compete. Your target should be to get better every day and overcome your weakness. Self-analyse and allow an eye that can honestly point your weakness. To be true [I have recently started practicing ‘self-analysis.’]

The day starts with you and ends with you. Select how you want to start the day and how you wish to end the day! It’s a personal choice of mind and will definitely display how mindful you are! Your happiness is in your hand! Ooops MIND. 



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