Effective methods for Healthy Body + Mind

Reason 1,2,3,4….. goes on and on to convince the present state of miserable behavior. Human mind tends to fall down again and once more. It’s a potent substance and is active on its own. Human mind needs to be trained and tamed. The moment you set it loose you are on a troll of your life. It will fall again to the lowest of your life.

You must have come across people who overthink. It’s the art of producing problems that don’t exist. Similar is the tendency of Human Mind, the moment you loose upon constant remembrance you are there!

Everyone has a valid advise for other person’s job. It’s an expert recommend, on how to perform the job. To our surprise, we have advise for almost everyone. However, the irony of life ‘ We are not an expert in our own job.’

If you are reading this now — feel blessed — Human body and Mind are the most astonishing thing you have. If you are glum and in a fragile state of mental health. Please know, you have to explore yourself and love yourself. Despite occupying a human body we are incompetent to connect our body-mind-soul in sync. Coming to the basics, we do not experience the art of breathing! If you learn how to breath properly and keep practicing it. Only then you can appreciate the striking powers of body.

Based on our mood, time, the situation and the state of mind: we produce a reflection for the individual, and it’s character. With time, many of us have developed it as a habit to big mouth others?

How many of us fall in the category,’if I am OK you are OK?
How many of you have opinion for others?
How many of you judge people after considering an interaction for say twice or thrice?
If you come to know someone is doing the same for you? Subsequently you fire back, don’t you!

The mind thinks unrealistically and loves to live in its own dream-world. Believe it or not – we have become a dedicated slave of our mind.

Human body has been designed in a peculiar way. Every body-part needs to work perfectly if you wish to maximize the impactThe body needs regular exercise, nutritious food and sleep. This is the key to healthy body + mind + soul. You will be happy, composed and grounded. Nothing is easy, and no medicine can commit flexible and conditioned body. You have to move your ass! 

No joke— seriously look at yourself. Either side of your body [left or right] will be more flexible, capable and more dominant in size. Hmmm bingo – you are an example for yourself. Live understandable example of how you serve your own body.

Root cause of your pain, stress, anxiety and all the negative emotion is because of your mind. Denial is your priority manipulation is your answer poor mental health is your choice.

Remember, you inevitably have the option to Choose – Take it or Leave it.

Challenge your mind and to see the difference.

I know you are the busiest person. You run short of time, and you are the only one who is trying to protect the world. This looks so delightful to read. Comforts your little ego and makes you feel special. Sorry, wake-up!

Pleasure and materialistic stuff are the exclusive things that excites the mind; knowledge otherwise looks divine in the books or to hear. Try understanding the impact and complications of sedimentary life-style. It’s never late. Many of you are already aware and working on it. Please inspire others.

Enjoy the life you have as per your satisfaction. You are what you think. Keep sharing and help others. Happy to have your comments.

Bless you,


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