15 Benefits of Sports: Mental + Physical

Childhood was fun and the days went by doing absolutely nothing! The foundation of the individual is set up right from the childhood. As we grow up, stress and pressure devours the entire ‘I’ and we submit ourselves to the situation. Brain Drain, stress, life struggles, peer pressures, draining relationships and poor mental health.  Forget all of these right now! These changes within are not created over-night. It’s a gradual process occurring due to ignoring the applications of lessons learnt right from childhood. Few of things that I constantly reinforce is constant remembrance, mindful breathing and positive thinking.

It’s really important to understand the philosophy of sports and how we bring it to active use in our day-to-day life!  Life has always been uncomplicated and yet, it’s the toughest nut to crack.

Right from the childhood to teenage; everyone has been participating in sports (of any format). As we move from teenage to adulthood; everything changes. Mind institutes a drastic change, and it fosters an illusion in front of you. We are absolutely the most forgetful species. Suddenly the life starts looking difficult and unbelievable. The illusions created make your mind unstable with conflicting emotions creating different perception towards life. The stability is challenged and mindfulness is tested.

Sports illuminates some of the most important life lessons. Provided you are perceptive enough to grasp them forward and exercise them in your day-to-day life. Broadly speaking Sports teaches us:

  1. To fail – it’s okay to fail. This is what the sports teach you, winning is not consistently a key to success. You have to fail to improve!
  2. Patience – it builds up your patience. You are calm, alert and focused to snatch the genuine opportunity.
  3. Team work – it teaches you to work in a team. You digest that for success; positive team work and team ethics are essential. It’s ne’er a solo effort.
  4. Coordination – you coordination with your team-members increases. This helps to have and open a positive communication channel
  5. Trustsports teaches you first to trust yourself and others. You will realize its amazing to how other team-members trust you as well.
  6. Success – the taste of success is worth all the hard work. Your contribution fulfils a notable role that decides your rate of success. 
  7. Hard Work – nothing is achieved without hard work, you need to constantly keep putting your 100%. Only then the chances of success are better
  8. Body & mind coordinationsports connects your body and mind. The coordination between them is synchronized and unconsciously it with each-other.
  9. Breathingsports teaches you that breathing is the most crucial part of any sports. If you don’t know how to breathe then, you will fail. Rhythmic breathing is required in sports to keep your body cool, agile and alert.
  10. Stamina – without stamina you can’t engage in any sports. Stamina in terms of your physical + psychological aspect is unavoidable
  11. Discipline – It teaches you to be disciplined. One of the skills that defines the personality of the individual.
  12. Dedication – with utmost dedication the sport is being played and practiced. Faithfulness is learnt as a part of the training. Dedication and Discipline represent a very effective combination for winning. Sports teach you these skills.
  13. Sacrifice – this is something that you would think how! To win on numerous occasions, we have to sacrifice our personal interest and look at the interest of the team. Sports teach you to sacrifice; it teaches you giving and induces compassion. These emotions create humbleness within you.
  14. Lowering of Ego – Wow, unbelievable!!! By all means, sports channelize your ego. It manipulates it for success and makes you more focused. Marvellous changes are seen and felt within; when you learn to channelize Ego. Ego can destroy and it can build! In sports it enlightens you to build.
  15. Health body – a sound body is required for sports. You exercise, you eat healthily and gradually you increase stamina. Active body promotes healthy thoughts and keeps you satisfied most of the times.
  16. Personality – You personality changes when you are competing in sports. All the various skills learnt are reflected inside you. You are listening to others, helpful in nature, caring and at the same time have enough stamina to escort yourself to success.
  17. Risk taking – Sports teaches you to take risk. To win, we have to risk. It’s either failing or win. Sports teach you to fail, and it equally makes you taste success. Risking gratifying appetite improves and more….

Gather a deep breath! YES!!! Indeed, you have been through all these processes. You have successfully being able to manage and execute them. These skills are highly essential in your day-to-day life, education, career, and relationships. However more importantly these skills are essential for your sound mental health!

Gif source:imgur.com/gallery/NtyOL0r

We fail to demonstrate these learnt skills. I had mentioned about the illusions created by Mind. This is how it deceives you; the mind refers to your current situation as it is and based on our attitude and aptitude we react to the situation. Just because life is not a game of 90 mins. Our attitude towards it is altered. Learn to increase your mental faculties and engage it constantly. Your perception towards life will offer the direction to your mind. Remember, You are what you feed!

Life represents a sport and your sportsmanship will decide your fate.

Good time Bad time = Happy time! This is life and it keeps ticking! No formula nor answers. You are the driver. Drive safely, be safe and keep others safe.

Would love to hear you comments and thoughts. Sharing is caring.

Love yourself

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