Delusion and Illusion


You breathe – you live:) Human Body has many processes which runs in the background without your mindful knowledge! The working mechanism of the human body is absolutely incredible. Purely unconditional (thumbs up)

If you are mentally courageous and maintain the habit to be responsive to the situation. You tend to enjoy life. You are capable to settle the issues. However, if you are reactive in nature, don’t believe in yourself: you end up committing foolish mistakes, gradually you explode out of anxiety and fear of failure. It’s not easy to control mind. It’s an overly complex game.

Most of us are stuck in our own mind games and are extremely vulnerable to it. From the time we wake up till the time we sleepwe are juggling in our own mind web games. Life becomes so miserable if the puzzle is unsolved. In fact it never gets resolved. Associations of our personality, nature, likings and past experiences influence are reactions to these thoughts. If we look deep, in most of the cases our thoughts are revolving around these associations.

We compare ourselves in almost all the situation and establish a relation with the situation.Once the relation is established – association is developed and gradually attachment towards the situation gets stronger. This attachment is at an unconscious level and every 2nd or 5th thought is about that situation. This relation starts generating an unknown fear/inhibition of experiencing the situation OR stimulates you within. The mind enjoys these shady behaviors and will keep throwing plentiful imaginary situations. By this time; we overrule our own instinctive feelings and ignore the subconscious mind. We start believing the situation is bigger and complex to be solved.

When, we physically are into the situation. We end up committing foolish mistakes and gradually we explore out of anxiety and fear of failure. We can solve these conflicts within, only if we are receptive.

Did you know? The key is designed first and then the lock is made! You don’t make a lock first and then design a key to unlock it! Like-wise the solution is inevitably with you when you get stumped in the journey of life. If you keep yourself calm, composed, demonstrate your skills and most importantly have faith in yourself – You settle the conflicts and graciously move forward.

Self-discipline is rare and hard to be found in individuals.We are quick to disregard almost everything and behave like a dum-ass most of the time. Our learnings, failures, achievements, education qualification, strategies and life experiences; we never refer them in our routine life. We are disconnected with our own-self. Ironically, when there is pressure of performance, deadlines, incentive based and/or appraisal coming forward: suddenly all these learnings are involved. The working style is changed, and the individual is productive. Bizarre behavior but very true about Human Beings!

Being self-disciplined produces multiple beneficial effects. You are calm, prompt and become a problem-solver. This gradually promotes beneficial relationships across all the platforms.

Most of us are not strong and courageous enough to win the battle of mind-games. We are capable [Or pretend to be strong] when things are matching to our wish. However, the moment life gets challenging our inner strength, and courage is measured. Be mindful and have a disciplined life-style. In future you will be benefited. We learn new life-lessons every day. Keep growing and keep exercising them as and when required.

Sharing is caring! This might encourage someone if not you:)

Love yourself,

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