Anand koti 3-way KarateProfessional with experience in national and international organizations. With analytical profile and a good view of processes contributing to save time and costs. Skilled in making interface with all corporation, providing guidance, motivation, strong network and individual interface and a team-work environment, constantly identifying strengths, weaknesses and opportunity analysis, suggesting solutions for better results.I have discipline, energy and objective reasoning. Mr. Koti is a passionate and committed teacher of karate. He himself has a training of 17 years and a second degree black belt holder. He now inspires upcoming social entrepreneurs. He takes up specialized classes to teach housewife, working women and school girls how to defend on self. The classes have greatly emancipated and created a great sense of confidence in the women in these troubling times. He has trained many youths, girls and women in self-defense.

Feel free to get in touch with us for corporate/individual/families/mother-daughter/group/schools or online meditation-karate workshops. We would be obliged to help you in all our capabilities and capacity.

 www.anandkoti.com | LinkedIn Profile | Colorss [Our Non-profit Organization]


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