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Developing countries had list of failures strongly webbed and at the same time it does have a list of success stories. However, the eyes and ears go for the failures in most of the cases. Positive attitude is a flavor of life, which every individual should taste. The taste gets better when you have to be strong enough to see positivity in the most negative situation.

Opportunities are never left by the people who experience the craving to grow in life, who are looking forward to squeeze the maximum benefits of the convenient features. In one such instances, while traveling in an auto-rickshaw had been observing the driver. The careful and cautious driver, not at all aggressive as compared.The most striking moment was his patience. While his discussion over the headphone seemed noncooperative, he without loosing his cool made a conference call to discuss the matter. In a couple of minutes, the issue was solved. Perfect use of Technology, it took care of his other parallel on-going business. The craving for growth improves the individual.

Positive Psychology performs a dominant role in your personal growth. With an eye of positivity, you can easily sail forward. Your mental strength will carry out this battle of Life. Day-to-day life is changing, situations are changing; to fit in this constantly changing environment, its important that we too keep evolving ourselves for the betterment.


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Communication – goof-ups


The biggest challenge for we humans is to have cordial relationship with other humans 😛  – Joke – no way – think for yourself – its a fact. All other challenges are manageable. However, managing every other person apart from the ‘self’ is the most toughest job. 

To maintain a cordial relationship we need to communicate – to communicate we need to LISTEN and TALK.

Many-a-times most of us regret – Oh! I should have not said that!  But then, its too late.
Yes, I too have made blunders on this challenging aspect. With time and practice am improving myself and its not difficult.

Tongue is an awesome muscle and it loves to create ripples. Controlling it is difficult!!! Hey, wait.. what all should we control. Mind – Heart – EGO and now Tongue —> the deadly combination of these makes communication so very complex.

The way we think and respond has got multiple blindspots:

– we communicate something else – but we meant something else
– we think something and say something else
– we think something and write something else
– we mean something and our content means something else
– we think and communicate and ‘ass’u’me’ you understood, what i meant?
– we complicate communication only by thinking too much about what needs to be communicated
– we stop communicating if we are angry, stressed out, pissed off or frustrated
– we stop communicating and again ‘ass’u’me’ you understood, why I did!
– we screwed up something and to avoid circumstance we stop communicating
  phew and the list goes on and on – would love to hear about communication challenges

The complex nature of communication related issues increases as you grow up in life and have more responsibilities to manage. This is a life-long learning process and will end with the last breath of your life 🙂 cheeky is’t it!

This list is exhaustive but every problem has a solution. Listening is the most crucial part of communication; to be clear – listening and understanding the other person before talking needs to be practiced on a regular basis

–  Keep practicing and never give up:-
–  Listen properly before you talk
–  choose the right word to describe your thoughts
–  be calm and composed when you communicate
–  use simple and easy sentences to convey yourself
–  make sure you cross-check on the details conveyed and they understood you properly
–  stop ASSUMING —else you would end up making an ‘ASS’ – ‘U’ – ‘ME’
–  communicate your thoughts then and there and do not delay it. Thoughts communicated during the on-going program, workshops, discussions, situations… are easier to correlate and understand
–  Start practicing meditation and keep your mind calm
–  Do not react – be responsive
–  Think before you talk
–  Learn to accept your mistake and don’t shy way to say Sorry

With a mindful eye, dedicatedly keep practicing. You would soon better up with your own communication style.


Spiritual quotient (SQ) or Intelligence quotient (IQ ) or Emotional Quotient (EQ)

Many-a-times it really makes me think, the school-college-university or any other education system does’t have a syllabus which teaches slangs-abusive words! Human values have gone down. How many of you agree that many people vent out anger by using abuse words! This behavior pattern now-a-days is seen among school going children as well. 


We need to teach the children and yes the teenagers to hear ‘NO’ . Teach them to accept rejection. Parenting has become very demanding and it needs constant nurturing. The generation is on a fast pace. The life-skills needs to be pressed-in tightly in the curriculum and should also be introduced to corporate people.

The change is visible; global warming, temperature rise, rainfall and snow blizzard just to name few. Like-wise the change has also affected human beings at physical, social, emotional, psychological and at spiritual realm. The after-effects are seen and we need to address them. Many changes are required. Dedication, determination and devotion is a must for any individual to keep the ‘self’ protected from any disturbances whatsoever it comes. 

Venting out abusive words to parents, elders and strangers is just not acceptable. It reflects how weak we are on acceptance, our inability to address the issues and lack of people handling skills. 

All the working people would realize [obviously they can – am going to talk about something which relates to money] The skills that were required to get a job – to excel in job and to get promoted in job have changed drastically. The below image would be helpful to upgrade yourself.

bD4ikTLC2_fTr1843WCwYsZFbkCs-VwJBAQu2COD1rE.pngIf these are required in your job – many more changes are required in life-skills, parenting and grooming of the individual. You all are matured and definitely have been going through this. You can either choose to accept and change or suffer. To all those who are working upon this – let me congratulate you for the awareness that you have within.

For Love as always,