Respecting woman – is it your cup of Tea?  

Womanhood or otherwise motherhood is considered to be the greatest in Indian society. It’s the woman who gives birth to a new life. It’s her unconditional love of absorbing all the pains and burden of her loved ones, to make their life easier. After all a human being, the multitasking woman does require time to release her stress and make her reflexes super-fast.  Forget others – I as a man, would always have high regards and respect to the womanhood. She is the creator and the irony of life! She is the most abused.

The global statistics that talks about the crime against womanhood is at least disturbing me. 

Can you better the condition of your women? Then there will be hope for your well-being. Otherwise you will remain as backwards as you are now. – Swami Vivekananda


The Indian society is designed in such a way that the women generally does’t not get enough time for herself. She can’t even think of having time for her own hobbies or even think of having leisure break from her busy schedule. However there has always been those who have fought out of the system! The womanhood has always been subjected of emotional – verbal and physical assaults. The statistics speaks in volumes. The heart sinks and mind fails to understand why? 

Being workaholic the restlessness within made me take an action.  As a trained martial artist and a social entrepreneur. I thought of designing a  curriculum which is an amalgamation of self-defense and meditation.  Curriculum makes an effort to equip the participants with the needful tricks, techniques and methods to payback any shit from anyone!  We keep in mind the life-style, the available time, situations, surroundings and most important the human mind of the participants! These workshops have got a flavor of meditation and spirituality attached to it. This has helped them to a great extent.

Our self-defense workshops gives the provision to learn 4-6 self-defense techniques in around 2.5-3 hours. We constantly evolve the workshops based on the participant requirements, their physical capacity and ability. Our idea is to make sure that none of their limitations act as a hurdle in their training. We have got couple of differently flavored workshops as per the need of the individual and group. Do you need one? Ping us

Our training is not limited – we have also started providing online training. Using the technology at its best. 

Educate your women first and leave them to themselves; then they will tell you what reforms are necessary for them. In matters concerning them, who are you? – Swami Vivekananda

Check out yourself what one of our participants have to talk about the workshop 

I am really happy to write down that we have been able to train more than 900 girls and woman and the count has been going up. The feedback has been encouraging and its just helping us grow and introduce more and more tricks and methods to train the womanhood for betterment. 

Train hard and Never give up!



Do you unlock your Brain?

Entrepreneurs have a great challenge in taking out time for the self and family. These are the people who are generally working round the clock or at least their mind is involved in the strategic planning of next move. It generally becomes difficult to find the right choice of time to take a break. I recommend holidays an opportunity to train your human mind and have control over it. For me, human mind is the most unpredictable, practice everyday to keep it in control.

“Get hold of the mind. The mind is like a lake, and every stone that drops into it raises waves. These waves do not let us see what we are.” Swami Vivekananda

Human mind is the most powerful and it can think very deep. Most of the time we are all involved in thinking..

  • What if?
  • Don’t know
  • Why me!!
  • Not me!
  • Noooo!
  • Damn!!!
  • I can’t!
  • Please!
  • Again!
  • Grrrr!
  • Mondayyyy!!!
  • *^%&…and many more

These are the thoughts that tours most of the human mind.

However, if the mind is trained to relax every day, then the thoughts can be changed or rather reprogrammed! Practice Presence


Sounds fun yaaa! We have to take conscious efforts to forgive others, forgive ourselves think positive. Our mind should give birth thoughts that feels good to the soul and heart. These thoughts should be cultivated.

  • Develop openness
  • Listen to your body and heart
  • Let go… friends its really important that you let go – will help you
  • Forgive yourself and largely to those who hurt you
  • Acceptance
  • Welcome
  • Love
  • Embrace
  • Thankful
  • and the list goes on

Keep practicing these healthy thought process – these would drastically change your life.

Please do ask yourself – Do you do exercise for your mind? Just the same way like you spend time pumping your muscle’s in gym!

Key to unlock yourself is within you

We generally recommend and train work-alcoholic and otherwise to every individual to practice right set of exercises for the brain/mind. We have personally come across, very few people who spend time for the mind to make it strong and release all the negativity behind.

The system of having holidays in our calendar is one of the best way to follow. Take this opportunity to utilize it wisely and switch off your mind. Spend these holidays with your family and friends. Freak out and let the child inside you enjoy. Once the holidays are over – you will find yourself full of energy, new thoughts, new power and a healthy family 🙂



Importance of body posture & correct stance in self-defense

In self-defense its really important that you maintain proper and correct body posture. Its really important that you do not hurt yourself in the process of defending your own-self. Proper posture is just not required during self-defense, however its equally important in our daily life chores and activities being carried out. Ergonomics plays an equally important role in better well-being.

Human body is designed in a specific way. If its being used properly then you can say good bye to back pain, shoulder pain, workplace stress, repetitive strain injury and of course it would protect you from  low self-esteem and morale. It would help you have a better and stronger mental health.

Rectifying the body posture ~ Self-defense training

Body posture focuses upon how you are using your body. It primarily focuses upon your body joints, muscle in use, your nerves and the amount of body weight applied. A wrong move or wrong posture would mean damage to your body parts and organs. Resulting in injury which can last for few days to quite sometime.

I would advise, in your daily life-style include conscious efforts to have proper body posture.  Listen to your body and your muscle pain if any. Rest is equally important to heal from injury.

Proper body postures would benefit tremendously not only physiologically but also psychologically. It would enhance your personality, increase your confidence, bring in more power and energy in your self-defense practice. At your home front and at your office end – you would benefit with being more healthier and happier.

During self-defense and martial art trainings, wrong body postures would lead to intense injury or broken bones. Please be careful and I urge you all to consciously start taking efforts to have proper and correct body posture.

Cheers and Train hard

Tonic for better mental health: Karate and Meditation

It’s important that the awareness of karate and its in-depth power is being felt by everyone. Karate is nothing but it teaches you to talk with oneself and give you the authority to protect yourself. It’s an open hand technique which in combinations and perfection is a lethal weapon.

The process of self-realization of what you need is more important. In this race of performance, pressures, compromises, adjustments and stress – we are forgetting our own self! We often tend to loose the focus of ‘who we are’ !  and it is left unattended till we can carry the luggage!

Meditative moments in between the Karate workshops

Competition has increased, humans are now working more like machines and are attempting to be multi-tasking. To this change – we bring you change as well 🙂 at-least to bring the balance within you!

We, at  strongly believe “Every Problem has a Solution”

We have an unique combination of Karate and Spirituality that would be of your interest. The combination is useful to release the stress, strengthen the body -mind and soul. It teaches you how to use your body respectfully and when required it can act like a weapon. We have Self-defense workshop with a mix of #meditation and #karate. We would train you in 3-4 self-defense techniques and also help you relax and get you introduced to your spiritual journey. Your questions about spirituality are also addressed.

Anand Koti focuses upon and promotes the innate values of  Karate [martial arts] – Bonding, Management and Security through his workshops.  These three virtues he has deeply instilled in himself and hopes to deliver the same to his students.

We can only say – Do not miss this opportunity!  Hear one of our participants sharing her views:-

But why do you need to get trained in Self-defense – do you find yourself anywhere in the below mentioned points!

  • Late nights are no more a worry
  • Being alone is hardly problematic
  • Eve teasing is not acceptable, ever
  • Have to wait for police, oh please
  • Domestic violence, not for me
  • My respect, my responsibility

We just don’t focus upon self-defense – we do have special customized camps for daughter-mother and yes of-course corporate workshops too! For more information log on to our website:

Cheers to Life – take it easy!

Why should I provide FREE online self-defense workshop!

It’s important that the awareness of karate and its in-depth power is being felt by everyone. However we still have a lot of reservations and internal defense mechanism of convincing why we want to get trained in Karate.  Karate is nothing but it teaches you to talk with oneself and give you the authority to protect yourself. It’s an open hand technique which in combinations and perfection is a lethal weapon.

Self-defense training
Self-defense training

The good news is Dear Ladies we are providing free online self-defense workshop to only three early applicants. The applicant needs to be female as this workshop is only for women. Self-defense workshop would be a mix of meditation and self-defense. We would train you in 3-4 self-defense techniques and also help you in your spiritual journey.  Your questions about spirituality would also be addressed. We can only say – Do not miss this opportunity! Find out contact details on our website –

But why do you need to get trained in Self-defense – do you find yourself anywhere in the below mentioned points!


A woman who knows about defending herself in face of imminent danger has never to worry about late night shifts or stranded, deserted alleys. She knows to hold herself together in such circumstances and can give her attacker a good one-or-two if the need comes down to that.


Going out for a late night movie and can’t find a companion? Want to take a trip to your favourite hill station but have no one to accompany you? Bored of the crowd around you and want to take a lonely walk down the countryside? With self-defense techniques by your side, you don’t have to worry about being alone anymore. Just make a plan and you are good to go.

Self-defense Training
Self-defense Training

For a woman skilled in self-defense, she never has to keep mum. Whether it’s a lewd comment on the street or a sexual innuendo on the bus she can always speak up for herself without having to worry about the consequences because she knows that she is good enough to handle whatever comes her way.


Instead of waiting for official help to come over, a woman can always be her own help. Be it an attempt to steal her purse or a hand extended to grope her in public, it is often too late by the time police comes over to help. Learning a trick or two in self-defense can always help a woman to save her stuffs, be it money or modesty.


Domestic violence in no form is ever acceptable. But what is better – to prevent it from happening in the first place or to curb it after it has happened? If you are skilled in self-defense, you never have to be a victim and you can start standing up for yourself from the day first finger gets pointed at you.

Self-defense Training
Self-defense Training

The respect and dignity of women have been at stake for way too long. In spite of matching steps with men in every single field, women are still considered the weaker sex. It’s now time to turn the tables and show the world what women are capable of. Self-defense is no more a choice; in today’s world, it is a necessity.

We look forward to hear you if you think it’s the right time to take the responsibilities of yourself.

Best wishes,


Karate – 3 way passage for growth [professional, social & emotional]

Every corporate – family – friends and the most important ‘YOU’ ; are all trying to understand the smooth functioning of human mind.  How can it be utilized to the utmost for our own respective needs and benefits. The corporate [big-medium-small] wants more than 100% from their employees; families are looking out for a very cordial relationship within each other; and in this race of life – least priorityis given to ourself . It’s very common to come across every second person who is suffering from Burnout


With a vision of combining 17 years of martial art practice and 9 years of providing professional training in Karate, Mr. Koti has come up with this workshop that has the in-depth hidden powers of martial arts. We are addressing these issues gracefully.

‘RenewYou‬’ is a holistic approach based on ‪#karate‬ which uses the ‪#‎Discipline‬, ‪#‎Energy‬ and ‪#‎Action‬ of the art to address full continuum of emotional and physical issues of an employee.

ReNew You by anandkoti
ReNew You by anandkoti

A man of many mantles, Anand Koti likes to identify himself as a social entrepreneur. His vision of combining his 17 years of practice and 9 years of providing professional training in martial arts with his dream of building a better world for women and children to live in was what gave rise to his own personal dream. He strongly believes: ‘every problem has a solution’

A graduate in Industrial Psychology from MSU, he also holds twin Masters in Industrial Relations and Personnel Management from Bhavan’s College of Communication and Management and Health and Hospital Management from Symbiosis Centre of Health Care. Trained by Senzi Pervez Mistri, he is a martial-arts professional, having a second degree Black-belt in Karate and a green belt in Kobudo (weapon systems). The foundation values of martial arts – Bonding, Management and Security, are the three virtues he has deeply instilled in himself and hopes to deliver the same to his students.

Through his various social and humanitarian causes, workshops and a project extremely close to his heart, the Colorss Foundation, Anand Koti has had a positive impact on more than 1000 lives in the past six years. He has trained 850 women and children, out of which 45 children have been differently-abled. Today, his expertise is identified by big corporate banners like ONGC, Nielsen, Vodafone, Reliance Industries and Reliance Township, L&T, Urbounce Gym and many others. Yet to him, it is just the beginning.

Self-defense workshops for women/girls, working women at different Corporate and NGO’s

for more info contact us –

Shoshin Nagamine said “Karate may be considered as the conflict within oneself or as a life-long marathon which can be won only through self-discipline, hard training and one’s own creative efforts.”[12]

Karate is a means of self defense. Not many know that it originated not from China or Japan, but from India itself. Legend has it that an ancient prince of Kanchipuram in Tamil Nadu observed the movements of birds and animals while they were engaged in fight and emulated them in human body movements. After experimenting on his slaves and knowing which parts of the body were vulnerable he developed the ancient art form of weaponless self defense. When Bolidharma, a Buddhist monk learnt this in India, he imparted the knowledge to monks in China and trained them.  This was later taken up further by people in Japan.

Kara in Japanese literality means Empty and te means hand.

To most of us who haven’t been trained, the first point of reference comes in the karate kid, a movie about a kid who learns the martial art form to get even with the bullies. The film was well appreciated and is still remembered by most of us and greatly increased popularity of it in the West..  However, karate has real life benefits. Not only to ward of predators does it come in handy, but also to train the body and mind and according to ancient thoughts, achieve “purity of the soul”

In karate, the size or the strength of the person doesn’t matter as much as the skill, speed and power of the moves. Martial arts not only improve bodily strength but also develop self confidence and mental health eliminating the weaknesses of human mind. In today’s world of myriads of tension, it is a great release of negative energy. Rather than offence, it is related to the practice of non violence and only wielded in protection.

Karate can be learnt by anyone in spite of age or sex; be it a school going kid or housewife. In today’s day and age of ongoing violence perpetrated by goons, chain snatchers and eve teasers, it becomes imperative to know the art of defending one self, specially for women.

The director of this solution based company – Mr. Anand Koti has worked for many social causes and community oriented projects before he founded the non-profit Colorss.

Mr. Koti is a passionate and committed teacher of karate. He himself has a training of 17 years and a second degree black belt holder. He now inspires upcoming social entrepreneurs. He takes up specialized classes to teach housewife, working women and school girls how to defend on self. The classes have greatly emancipated and created a great sense of confidence in the women in these troubling times.

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~ Sanjana Pal