Women Self Defense Workshop, Seminar and Classes

Your Ultimate Weapon – Self Defense

If there would be one word to describe the situation in world today it would definitely be ‘unpredictable.’ We are living in the 21st century, still fighting for equality of genders and freedom to make our own choices. But the most beautiful aspect of this situation is the fact that our struggle comprises of the most extraordinary women and men. Our ability to think differently and to unite for a shared conviction is our strength.

But we still have a long journey to make!

One of the prime hurdles of this resistance is the fact that some people choose to respond to our beliefs through cruelty and aggression. And unfortunately the most common scenario we observe in such conditions is violence against women. According to the latest data by the National Crime Records Bureau, 2015, a decrease of 3.1% in crimes against women has been observed, as compared to the 2014 statistics. This 3.1% is an indicator that we still have lots of work to do, and a myriad of obstacles to overcome. The most recent incident of Bengaluru’s mass molestation during New Year’s Eve was an outrageous example about the intensity of crimes against women in India.

The question is what can be done to ensure the safety women?

Apart from observing strict legal laws and strong surveillance setup by the administration, on an individual level we have to use our bodies as weapons.

That’s Right! Self Defense!
So, why is self defense important?

An education in self defense can introduce you to a variety of situations that can occur and motivating experiences of survivors as well. The most significant reason to study self defense is to achieve a sense of self-confidence and mental stability during uncertain times. We often panic, freeze and stop thinking when we are under a state of being attacked. It is a major rule to remember that defending ourselves does not only require physical strength but also intellectual and tactical skills. If the assailant is brawny, there are number of ways you can tackle him/ her with. It’s always mind over matter.


If you practice religiously self defense can not only lead to a fitter body but also to the virtue of self discipline. During insecure conditions your training will always be able to provide you with a sense of direction and clarity. It will teach you to be agile and a smart problem solver. It will guide you to trust your instincts and transform you into a viscerally aware person.

The best part about learning self defense is that you can always utilize it if some other person happens to be in danger. The amazing feature of the training is that it does not only make you self reliant but also alters you into a better person.

And to help you get started the Anand Koti Team is conducting Self Defense Workshops to celebrate this year’s International Women’s Day by promoting women’s safety. These workshops are a unique amalgamation of martial arts and spirituality. The purpose is to introduce women to techniques and methods that will help them function more positively in their everyday life. The workshops provides insights and trains for better ergonomics resulting in lowering of body pain and better body posture. An amazing platform to learn as well as discuss and share crisis of security.

The Self Defense Workshops are conducted by Mr Anand Koti, a skilled martial artist himself with 19 years of practice. Mr Koti has positively impacted the lives of women and children through his amazing non-profit endeavor The Colorss Foundation.  For the past 11 years he has been imparting knowledge about martial arts, and this year he continues his commendable effort for shaping a better and a secure society.

We welcome organizations who would like to arrange a Self Defense Seminar with our team for working women, as well as individuals who are interested to organize a workshop for women from all walks of life. We aim to create an honest and a fulfilling experience for all our learners, and to deliver our best attempt to educate and empower them.

To discuss the further details get in touch: koti@anandkoti.com 
Website: http://www.anandkoti.com/
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How Yoga helps me!

In past never got an opportunity to get myself trained in Yoga. Had always heard about all the good things about Yoga and mindfully accepted them too! However never had that urge to learn it. 

In all these active years of my life, this body suffered from body injury either due to martial arts practice or due to occupational hazard or maybe due to the combinations of both. My relationship with my shoulder-neck pain is quite old. This even was responsible for lot of restrictions to  my martial arts practice. 

However one fine day my family spoke about Yoga and positively reinforced it to me for my decade old pain!!! Finally took the dip into this amazing science of body-mind-soul YOGA. Since that day and today – there has been tremendous difference. This is something that you need to feel. I can write about numerous experiences, moments, failures and achievements. What is more important – will these help you when you read? 

Probably no! 

I am in the not so perfect Ardha Chandrasana Sanskrit: अर्धचन्द्रासन;or Half Moon Pose 

Yoga got me more aligned with my body and it’s details. Here my experience of Martial Art and understanding of Yoga training has definitely evolved me as an individual. Life is to learn and have numerous experiences. These are those experiences which can change people. Personally Yoga has just not been helpful for my injury it has also helped me cross few of my blockages. This is a good news isn’t! 

We have been constantly building up our curriculum for holistic training for oneness. With better connective within myself, it’s now much easier to train an individual in self-defense and meditation. Our curriculum broadly takes care of the individual’s physical as well the psychological needs. It’s not ONLY about Self-defense, it’s more about the SELF. If you are interested to be a part of the training leave me a message.

As always for love,