Jal Neti : Why should you do it Daily?

Before you start reading – recall how the traditions, cultures and practices from the past is gradually picking up the speed. Technology, ignorance, time-pressed, and more importantly find short-cuts all the time have ultimately screwed up the human body. 

When nothing works, Yoga – Meditation – Spirituality – Ayurveda and age old practices are frantically being chased. A True teacher plays the role in shaping your character, not your handy Google Teacher which lingers like your extended body part. 

It’s been a couple of years that I had been practicing Jai Neti and have perceived significant difference on how my body is responding. Well, it’s recommended to do Jai Neti every day in the morning. On my recent trip to Delhi, I realized how effective Jai Neti was. The pollution in Delhi is so very bad, you need to be in that place to experience what you are breathing. I was okay with my breathing cycles, my eyes were responding effectively with less irritation as compared to others and my stamina was untouched. Looking at the environment, I used to do Jai Neti twice a day to keep myself clean and protected. Kindly note: Jai Neti takes time to restore your body, there is no over-night remedy. Have patience and keep practicing it daily. Modernization and competitive world have completely ignored the power of human body. In legitimate sense, we do not know who to use our body in a correct way.

Jai Neti is an significant part of Hindu Shatkarma. It’s one of the yogic systems of body cleansing techniques. It is intended mainly to clean the air passageways in the head.

Indian Yogis have left behind huge knowledge that can transform your human body and lift it to a completely remarkable level. Am more focused on highlighting about Jai Neti that is getting popular these days. I had been practicing Jai Neti for quite sometime and having learnt it from a glorious sage. It’s more of my responsibility to keep practicing it daily. Once you start experiencing the benefits, it will only motivate you to explore more of your magical human body.

Precautions need to be taken:

  • The water needs to be pure 
  • Preferably use Jai Neti Pot
  • Try to do it empty stomach 
  • Make saline water [by adding salt in the water] The water temperature needs to be around your body temperature or little more
  • The quantity of salt should be perfect i.e no less no more – else you will experience difficulty in performing Jai Neti
  • Blow out the excess water from your nostrils after you are done by closing your mouth and quick breath out from nostrils. Perform this couple of times till you are satisfied that no water is left inside your nostrils

I will precisely not describe how to perform Jai Neti as I recommend you to learn it from an expert and do it couple of times in front of him/her. Many notable health benefits are marked with the continual practice of Jai Neti

  • It clears up your nasal passage and gives your respite from sore throats, sinusitis, mucus and improves your breathing from nose
  • It helps in lowering migraine, headaches and relax eye stress [personally it has helped me to manage a migraine and eye stress] Excess heat is flushed out from your brain and thus helps to manage your headaches and mental stress.
  • Improved and better breathing cycles will keep you energetic and fresh
  • Helpful to keep your ears clean from infection and excess wax deposits 
  • Those who practice meditation and start doing Jai Neti will experience a phenomenal growth and difference in their meditational sessions
  • The helpful cleaning process which not only promotes healthy respiration but also increases the efficiency of eyes and ears

Never perform Jal Neti if you have nose infection, bleeding nose or a wounded nose. Learn from an expert before you start practicing Jai Neti.

Stay healthy, wise and love yourself!

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Power of Mind – Brain हो गया Drain 

Finding peace or say balance in life is the most difficult. Every individual has got a different tuning and perception. It’s not fair to compareWh others.

Why don’t we try to analyze our own self and try to understand how can we be at peace, calm and quite?

Different people Different perception

Perception and reception plays a vital role on how we are going to react. Perception means the ability to see, hear or become aware of something through the senses. However, in the actual reality towards this; even our perception is based on what we really wants to see and hear. 5 senses are involved during the process of perception. We overlook or sometimes just don’t see or accept the reality. Mind creates its own perception, image and visualize drama. It’s capable of creating fantastic sci-fi illusions. Repeatedly we are deceived by our own perception. 

Your mind needs rest and it should be trained to do those task which are fruitful and productive in nature. Training needs practice, dedication, determination and devotion. For me, human mind is the most unpredictable and volatile substance. You need constant remembrance to train it and keep it calm. This is a everyday task, just like breathing and with practice you will auto suggest yourself. 

Do not entertain any negative thoughts, discussion or emotions. Every time you face negativity you have to come up with a positive thought, positive action and be courageous to accept and move ahead.   

Expectations creates heartbreaks; henceforth do not set any kind of expectations from anyone else apart from your own self. Failure to achieve New year resolutions is perfectly okay and acceptable behavior because you never had expectations from yourself. You have accepted that you are weak and you will fail. So there is no disappointments and gradually you have now mastered the art to convince yourself. However, at the same time; we get so furious and irritated when someone else fails to come up with your expectations. This fire is not seen when you keep failing repeatedly i.e quit smoking, exercise, meditation and whatever!!

This is the power of mind – which belongs to you; but never listens to you. Hmmm btw who are you? Give a thought!

Love & Luck,



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Passion in Everyday Life!

Are you Living your life for real?

Self-Defense – Martial Arts is not so popular as it should be. Is this a case of poor  marketing for Martial Arts or the Self-Defense or human mind-games? Whatever may be the reason; this sport has got tremendous power to change the person in training! There is a long list of Self-Defense courses available. However at this point of time – I would be talking about our program!

The kind of training that is being provided by us [www.anandkoti.com] is unique in its own way. We focus on many areas which are required to make you physically as well psychologically strong. Self-defense is a package of many things, which is required to be learnt by the individual. The posture, form, power, technique, presence of mind, eye-contact and  many more. Dedication is mandatory to master this art. Let me remind you, this is no rocket-science. It’s just how strong your mind is to learn Self-Defense!

Our habit of taking things for granted and being unmindful is the root cause of our self created blockage. Leading to poor time-management, failure to identify the right opportunity, loosing out on best deals and not the least frequent tensions in relationships. Most of us are not enjoying their personal life, maximum time is being spent doing things which are our responsibilities. Is there a passion in your everyday life, ALIVE!!!

We have been working on a possible solution. Since quite sometime and over the years we have developed a special curriculum ‘SELF Confidence Booster’ Module that particularly addresses the most common issues that are surfacing around. i.e stress, confidence, motivation, self-esteem and more. We have a fusion of Karate, meditation, music and the magic of ‘self’. This fusion truly uplifts you with surprise, will bring into your notice the areas that was being neglected by your good self. Until you try for couple of days you can’t understand the difference or positivity felt inside. You can’t even feel it by reading reviews, or blogs or watching YouTube or even reading this article. The gush needs to be real to be felt by the body, mind and soul. You will thereafter start enjoying your life. You will then start living your life, for sure. No matter what you do, you will live for real. 

Don’t learn or train Self-defense with an eye that you might need it! Just learn it because you should know how powerful your empty hands are! You should know your value, you should upgrade yourself with the necessary techniques which would help you succeed in life. This is something that you should include in your life-style.  Online or Offline. Contact us if you need to be trained!

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