SELF – confidence Booster


My advise would be stop and ask yourself what do you want? What are you exactly looking for! Most of the time we are confused. We get more confused when we start finding random things which get aligned with our confused thoughts. Simple things are loosing its fragrance, which actually fills your life with love, peace and oneness.

As an individual many of us are okay to miss out on those simple things i.e mindful breathing, spending sometime alone, giving opportunity to the child inside to be mischievous, having breakfast on time, keeping the stuff back on its place, counting the stars at night.  You can think of all those simple things that you like and frequently ignore doing it.

You constantly work hard, during appraisals you put in more than what you could have possibly thought of, you tend to push the extra mile and finally you see the result. You achieve either a promotion, salary hike or a new job. Awesome as it sounds. Likewise you try to put in efforts to your relationship based on your respective status. You invest time, money, emotions and finally you achieve a beautiful family. It makes me happy to see what you all are achieving.

However, let me ask? No you don’t have to reply back. Honestly, think over and reply to yourself: Are you really happy from inside? Are you happy with your relationship? Are you happy with your job? And are you happy with your mental health?

You still have a lot of room for improvement. Just because you can push yourself as per your need to achieve whatever you want. If you are able to manage then its awesome; if you honestly feel you are! How long will be the question?

This is my personal observation; all the parents want the best of the world for their kids. However they just want it! The Life-Skills that they learnt from parents is a hindrance; the ergonomics learnt from parents is a hindrance and as a parent you can figure out the eating habits, addiction of gadgets, obesity..…when it gets too late; then starts the blame-game (i guess it is at an unconscious level) to justify the action. It’s very easy to point fingers and blame. However it requires balls to accept and change. Sooner or later every individual before dying repents for something or the other. Naked facts of life. Where do you see yourself!

Attention required: why? Just to press a panic button and make you realize. If you can achieve as per your need, then you should learn to organize yourself. This will save you from pushing yourself hard, every now and then.

As a trained martial artist we have developed and designed a SELF-confidence module which is an amalgamation of martial arts and meditation. Tried, tested and successful. Human Body needs to be healthy at all levels to function properly. This is the most under rated and ignored fact of life, yet ironically its the reality. As the name suggests SELF-confidence it purely narrows down to SELF of the individual and this is how we attempt to make an impact. We work on your body, strength, patience, endurance, mind and try to touch your SELF. This module specifically addresses few common as well important issues which are psychological as well physiological in nature. Positive spillovers have been recorded. Customized curriculum is designed as per the requirements. Let me tell you this module is not so rude on your body. However it will try to push you further and make you realize your potential. A perfect blend of different flavors curated only for the serious takers who would like to make life easier for themselves and as well for the future generation.

Love yourself



“Do Good, Feel Good” Initiative

We are more than happy to inform you all that we, Anand Koti run a “Do Good, Feel Good” initiative, where 40% of the proceeds from the self-defense workshops are directed to help the efforts of the non-profit organization Colorss Foundation where the under-priveliged females, both young and old, are trained for Free in self-defense.  Currently this initiative is available only in India.



Eve-teasing, undesired stares, men lurking in dark allies..these are some of the everyday fears that women in India have to live with. With 19 years of martial arts practice and another nine years of experience in training others, Koti has made it his mission to protect women by teaching them self-defense. 


Koti, is leading Mission 1000 project which is one of the promising projects at Colorss Foundation, Mission 1000 is focused on training young girls and women in self-defense techniques. Mission 1000 aims to reach out to at least 1000 underprivileged women and girls every year. By equipping each child with self-defense skills, Mission 1000 hopes to tackle the sexual abuse, which include harassment, assault and rape, against women in India. As Mission 1000 believes in providing free-of-charge self-defense workshops, this programme largely relies on donated funds.

The students have been learning several skills on how to punch, kick and block assaults. Each child has also left each session with a boost in her stamina, self-esteem and confidence.

Mission 1000 makes a difference to the lives of these young women. Those who have completed the Mission 1000 workshops express gratitude in learning self-defense. Some have even taught these skills to their own family members. The daily fear of being harassed is now a thing of the past for many of these young women, who are now more confident in interacting with society. Students undergoing Mission 1000 workshops will leave with a certificate and a new set of skills that they can use to protect themselves and their future. Along with learning kicks, punches, blocks and self-defense techniques the girls also enjoy meditation, which is also the part of the workshop. Meditation has helped the girls release stress.



Is 21st Century cold-blooded!

Brain-drain is the upcoming threat that needs to be taken care of. The current situation has pressed hard upon the individuals. It has weakened the self-confidence and the real ‘self’ is lost. It makes the individual live a mechanical life – tick tock tick tock, till the time it can tick-tockkkk…..

Take it easy and yes, its easy. Getting going and let the body move. 

30-45 mins of exercise everyday is going to boost your immunity, its going to help you be strong and look gracious. Physical Exercises have noted benefits at physiological and psychological level.

Make a habit of having a healthy lifestyle. It would not only help control your weight, but enhance your mood and increase energy. Healthy lifestyle would also help keep few of the health problems away. It would specially protect your heart.

We have introduced a fusion of karate and meditation to upbeat the stress of 21st century. Our program has got meditation, karate, fun, self-defense, reflections and lots of love. 

Healthy Lifestyle has never been difficult. Its just the effort you would have to take for healthy mind, body and soul. 

Say no to unhealthy lifestyle


21st Century has been very demanding, rude, harsh and has literally ripped apart the human mind – body and soul of the individuals. The family bonding, togetherness and marriages have gone for toss.  As always, I am quoting it again,’ Don’t let the situations rule you?’ 

Your efforts for a healthy lifestyle will only help you and your family.  A balanced individual is successful.  If you need help, we are around.

For love as always,


Respecting woman – is it your cup of Tea?  

Womanhood or otherwise motherhood is considered to be the greatest in Indian society. It’s the woman who gives birth to a new life. It’s her unconditional love of absorbing all the pains and burden of her loved ones, to make their life easier. After all a human being, the multitasking woman does require time to release her stress and make her reflexes super-fast.  Forget others – I as a man, would always have high regards and respect to the womanhood. She is the creator and the irony of life! She is the most abused.

The global statistics that talks about the crime against womanhood is at least disturbing me. 

Can you better the condition of your women? Then there will be hope for your well-being. Otherwise you will remain as backwards as you are now. – Swami Vivekananda


The Indian society is designed in such a way that the women generally does’t not get enough time for herself. She can’t even think of having time for her own hobbies or even think of having leisure break from her busy schedule. However there has always been those who have fought out of the system! The womanhood has always been subjected of emotional – verbal and physical assaults. The statistics speaks in volumes. The heart sinks and mind fails to understand why? 

Being workaholic the restlessness within made me take an action.  As a trained martial artist and a social entrepreneur. I thought of designing a  curriculum which is an amalgamation of self-defense and meditation.  Curriculum makes an effort to equip the participants with the needful tricks, techniques and methods to payback any shit from anyone!  We keep in mind the life-style, the available time, situations, surroundings and most important the human mind of the participants! These workshops have got a flavor of meditation and spirituality attached to it. This has helped them to a great extent.

Our self-defense workshops gives the provision to learn 4-6 self-defense techniques in around 2.5-3 hours. We constantly evolve the workshops based on the participant requirements, their physical capacity and ability. Our idea is to make sure that none of their limitations act as a hurdle in their training. We have got couple of differently flavored workshops as per the need of the individual and group. Do you need one? Ping us

Our training is not limited – we have also started providing online training. Using the technology at its best. 

Educate your women first and leave them to themselves; then they will tell you what reforms are necessary for them. In matters concerning them, who are you? – Swami Vivekananda

Check out yourself what one of our participants have to talk about the workshop 

I am really happy to write down that we have been able to train more than 900 girls and woman and the count has been going up. The feedback has been encouraging and its just helping us grow and introduce more and more tricks and methods to train the womanhood for betterment. 

Train hard and Never give up!


Do you unlock your Brain?

Entrepreneurs have a great challenge in taking out time for the self and family. These are the people who are generally working round the clock or at least their mind is involved in the strategic planning of next move. It generally becomes difficult to find the right choice of time to take a break. I recommend holidays an opportunity to train your human mind and have control over it. For me, human mind is the most unpredictable, practice everyday to keep it in control.

“Get hold of the mind. The mind is like a lake, and every stone that drops into it raises waves. These waves do not let us see what we are.” Swami Vivekananda

Human mind is the most powerful and it can think very deep. Most of the time we are all involved in thinking..

  • What if?
  • Don’t know
  • Why me!!
  • Not me!
  • Noooo!
  • Damn!!!
  • I can’t!
  • Please!
  • Again!
  • Grrrr!
  • Mondayyyy!!!
  • *^%&…and many more

These are the thoughts that tours most of the human mind.

However, if the mind is trained to relax every day, then the thoughts can be changed or rather reprogrammed! Practice Presence


Sounds fun yaaa! We have to take conscious efforts to forgive others, forgive ourselves think positive. Our mind should give birth thoughts that feels good to the soul and heart. These thoughts should be cultivated.

  • Develop openness
  • Listen to your body and heart
  • Let go… friends its really important that you let go – will help you
  • Forgive yourself and largely to those who hurt you
  • Acceptance
  • Welcome
  • Love
  • Embrace
  • Thankful
  • and the list goes on

Keep practicing these healthy thought process – these would drastically change your life.

Please do ask yourself – Do you do exercise for your mind? Just the same way like you spend time pumping your muscle’s in gym!

Key to unlock yourself is within you

We generally recommend and train work-alcoholic and otherwise to every individual to practice right set of exercises for the brain/mind. We have personally come across, very few people who spend time for the mind to make it strong and release all the negativity behind.

The system of having holidays in our calendar is one of the best way to follow. Take this opportunity to utilize it wisely and switch off your mind. Spend these holidays with your family and friends. Freak out and let the child inside you enjoy. Once the holidays are over – you will find yourself full of energy, new thoughts, new power and a healthy family 🙂